California Horse Barns
Raised Center Aisle RCA
The Raised Center Aisle Breezeway Barn is our most popular design. This Horse Barn can be designed with a center aisle from 12'3" wide up to 49' wide. Standard stall size is 12'3"x12'3" with any custom sizes available. And like all our Horse Barns you have a choice of 7 exterior siding colors and 6 roofing colors. Standard finish on exterior wall trim, posts, and pipes is a galvanized . Roofing... Read More
Shed Row Horse Barn
The Shed Row Barn comes standard with 12'3"x12'3" stalls and an 8' 10' or 12' Porch across the front. Optional stalls available in up to 24'6"x24'6" in size. Each Stall has dutch doors and one 4'x4' grill section with standard solid walls between stalls. And as all our Horse Barns you have a choice between 7 exterior siding colors and 6 roofing colors. Standard exterior wall trim... Read More
Gable Horse Barn
The Gable Breezeway Horse Barn can be designed with a 12'3" wide up to a 49' wide center aisle or with no center aisle. Without the center aisle the stalls are back to back for our most compact low cost fully enclosed horse sheltering. Each Stall has dutch doors and one 4'x4' grill section with standard solid walls between stalls. And as all our Horse... Read More
Malibu Barn
The Malibu Horse Barn is our most economical building. With a simple yet attractive design that fits well into any budget. The Malibu Barn can be built with full height solid wall panels or with only the lower 4' solid. A 48" half yoke door is included in the base package. You have a choice between 7 siding color and 6 roofing colors. The roof is a 1:24 pitch with... Read More
Coach Shed Horse Barn
The Coach Shed Horse Barn is our most compact barn that still offers a sheltered roof area for entering the stall and feed/tack storage areas. It is a great choice for folks who are looking for a cute building or customers with limited room. With this compact design you get the advantage of being able to access all openings in a central location. There is a choice of 7 Exterior Siding Colors and 6 roofing colors.Call us... Read More
Storage and Garages
Need a Garage for your car collection, boat or RV, or a shop, warehouse or hay storage? Whatever your need we can design any size building with up to a 48' clear span and 16' tall side walls. We build 3 sided structures as well as fully enclosed bird proof buildings for all your storage and work shop needs. Shown here are a few pictures of buildings we have done in the past.We offer 7 standard siding colors along... Read More
Misc. Shelters & Shade Covers
We can build a wide range of custom hay covers, shade covers, run in Horse Shelters, 3 sided structures or whatever your need may be. Shown here are a few Custom buildings we've done. Call us for your specific needs.Serving California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.... Read More
Round Pens, & Corral Panels
We build both Solid Panel, open, and wire mesh Corral Panels for Round Pens, and paddocks. 6' High w4'Solid Panel Round Pens These Heavy Duty Solid Round Pen Panels are built with a total heigth of 6' with the lower 4' solid using the same panel as our Horse Barn walls. The tubing is a heavy duty 1 7/8" Galvanized pipe. Standard size is 8'4" long... Read More

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