California Horse Barns
Can I build a barn with the interior open, meaning no divider walls?
Yes you can. Our standard construction in most cases will pass engineering with only the exterior walls as shear. The exception is if we go with a high sidewall and have a very high a wind load. In which case we still can but might have additional engineering costs. Also we can build with clear span meaning no posts as needed.
Do you warranty your walls from a horse kicking?
Yes Ring O Steel walls have a "Lifetime Kick Through warranty". We will exchange the wall panel at no charge to you and with our bolt together design it is an easy task.
What exactly is the "ROS Heavy Duty High Rib Corrugated" roof panel?

This is our standard roof panel and it is exclusive to Ring O Steel we form this 26 Gauge panel with a 3 1/2" High Corrugation 6" on center which gives our roof a standard 40 Lbs. load for Snow, Solar Panels or whatever your need is.

What is the strength and benefits of your bolt together wall design?

Two things here we realize that what you or the original owner needed in a barn might change over time. With our bolt together wall design it allows you to easily move interior walls to change stall/tackroom sizes configurations as needed. Also it makes replacing an exterior wall panel an easy task with no cutting or welding needed. The strength of a bolt together design is superior to welded. I have seen and inspected 30- 40 year barns and have seen cracked welds on many sectional wall panels but never on the Ring O Steel due to the strength of our bolt together design withstanding vibrations.

Will you sell me the building package and am I able to install it myself?
Yes we will sell you the building package. While we would normally sell the building and have one of our authorized crews do the installation we would also sell you only the building kit. Because of our bolt together design and it being in 4' sections the installation is not complicated and can be done with only a 2 person team.
Am I able get higher than the standard 8'6" wall height?
Yes we build wall height at 10' 12' 14' and 16' tall.

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